Our commitment to producing quality Margaret River wine starts with our vineyard and winemaking team. Attention to detail from the vineyard through to the winery assures we continue to produce premium Margaret River wines. Our team operates with sustainable strategies, always striving for cleaner production techniques and improved quality.

Our viticulturists rigorously maintain the health of the soil and the vines to ensure premium quality fruit is harvested at the optimum time and delivered to the winery. They adopt sustainable practices within the vineyard which include: open solarised canopies taking advantage of UV light to discourage disease and allow for good spray penetration to the canopy; most of the sprays used are elemental suplfur and copper; mixed clover grass swards grown between rows allowing for nitrogen fixation by clovers, and deep placement of organic matter by the grass roots; minimum till systems which build soil health; and alternate slashing of rows to allow insect population to re-equilibrate.

Colin Jim

Jim Campbell Clause (BSc (Ag Hon)) & Colin Bell (Assoc. Deg. App. Sc. (Winegrowing), Trade Hort., Cert. 3 Food Proc.(Wine)) from AHA Viticulture, oversee the Knee Deep vineyard and work with our winemakers to capture the essence of our region and terroir in the fruit produced. Their expertise was used to select the block and make the first plantings from the commencement in 2000. Their team of experienced vineyard operators and their own technical and management skills ensure the vineyard produces consistant quality fruit around each set of seasonal conditions. Their experience and knowledge of the region ensures timely vineyard operations when climatic fluctuations could potentially create vine health issues. This has ensured quality disease free fruit from healthy well nourished vines.




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