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A genuine love of the Margaret River wine region is where the story began. The Child’s family, founders of Knee Deep, broke ground back in 2000 establishing what was to become an iconic Margaret River winery. To the Child’s family Knee Deep was a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of jumping in ‘boots and all’ during a testing time in the wine industry with the grape glut of the late nineties, but times have changed and so too have the reigns.

These reigns have now passed onto the Holden family. Matt & Clair Holden have worked alongside Phil & Sue Child’s for over 5 years, so when Phil & Sue decided to hang up their wine boots Matt & Clair stepped in, not wanting to see an iconic Margaret River story come to an end. In the tradition of jumping in “Knee Deep” a new era begins, being knee deep in the fruit is where it all starts, but also being knee deep in the Margaret River world of wine. Matt has been immersed in the West Australian wine industry for over 20 years. Transitioning from the hospitality industry, running top venues in Canada, Scotland and Perth, to working with some of Margaret River’s most respected producers on the production and sales side. Matt & Clair’s passion for West Australian wine has led them to continue the Knee Deep story. Taking over the Knee Deep reigns is yet another chapter in their story, keeping Knee Deep as a West Australian, family owned business, and as a legacy to their three children. 


Our People

Matt & Clair met in 1993, both first year university students. Over the past 25 years they have travelled the world, renovated their family home and have had three beautiful yet crazy children. Knee Deep is Matt & Clair’s next chapter, a very exciting chapter. Matt’s passion for photography was overtaken by his passion for wine in his early twenties. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Photo Media he hung up his camera to taste his way through many tasting panels. Matt has 25 years’ experience in the industry, managing top hospitality venues all around the world, eventually settling back in Perth he went on to work in the wine sales and production industry for 10 years deciding to go out in his own business in 2013.

Fresh from completing her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Media Clair took a sales role with Peters & Brownes, WA’s leading supplier of dairy and ice cream products. Over 13 years she excelled in many roles including Channel Management, Trade Marketing & Sales Management. In August 2013 Clair took the plunge and resigned from Brownes to join the family business. Clair now splits her time between running all marketing and sales support and looking after three young children, often both roles at the same time.


Our Place

Nestled in the pristine southwest corner of Western Australia, Margaret River has in under 50 years grown to become one of the world’s great wine producing regions, producing over 20% of Australia’s premium wine. Stretching almost 100 kilometres from north to south the region holds a diversity truly unique and unlike any other wine region, largely untouched by large scale human interference. It is hugged by ocean on three sides, the cooling sea breezes temper the summer heat, protecting the vines from temperature extremes. This maritime influence provides a consistent climate, which is perfect for the region’s more elegant and subtle styles of wines.

Our Birdhouse range pays homage to our family holiday house, 'Magpie's Cottage' which was built in the early 1900s. Located in Dunsborough it housed our extended family through many of our formative years, with countless memories made with friends and family. Our time enjoying the sun, surf, forests and of course the wines, fostering what has become a lifelong love affair with this beautiful corner of the world.